Xiaomi's NAS Movements Survey and Speculations

TapTechNews July 9th news, just now, Chen Bo, the general manager of the Xiaomi ecosystem chain, posted a Weibo to conduct a survey on the demand for NAS products, which surprised a large number of digital bloggers. And the user operation manager of Xiaomi Company, @Xiaopang Xiaopang Human Treasure, clearly stated that he attended the internal research meeting of the NAS product a few days ago, but was unable to say more due to the confidentiality agreement.

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Speaking of Xiaomi NAS, TapTechNews has to mention an incident that happened before. On May 28th this year, Xiaomi launched a gigabit switch and a 10-gigabit switch. The promotional image showed a schematic diagram of a 10-gigabit NAS product, which triggered speculation and discussion among netizens.

In response, @Selen7, the head of the intelligent hardware market in China for Xiaomi, and Zhang Yu, the marketing manager of Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones, both denied the authenticity of the product, stating that it was indeed just a design drawing and a white model indication, and there is currently no plan for NAS.

If the survey here by Chen Bo is the real intention of the top management of Xiaomi, it means that Xiaomi has currently started the NAS-related planning, and everyone can look forward to it.