China Telecom Unveils Xingchen Grand Model - Software Factory, a Breakthrough AI Tool

TapTechNews July 9th news, China Telecom AI Technology Co., Ltd. and China Telecom AI Research Institute (TeleAI) released a product named Xingchen Grand Model - Software Factory (hereinafter referred to as Xingchen Software Factory), and claimed that this is the first breakthrough AI development tool in China.

China Telecom Unveils Xingchen Grand Model - Software Factory, a Breakthrough AI Tool_0

Xingchen Software Factory uses the latest multi-modal grand model technology to automatically generate front-end and back-end codes, and conduct independent testing and error correction, forming a fully automated assembly line for software development. Users only need to simply write down the product documentation, and the grand model can generate codes according to the documentation content and be deployed and launched with one click in the software factory.

Xingchen Grand Model Software Factory has constructed three core capabilities from the innovation of the development process, controllable code generation, and upgrade of the interaction mode:

First, a collaborative new process for document-oriented development, using project documentation closer to daily language as the core of software development, and non-software developers can also participate.

Second, self-developed multi-modal code-generation grand model, realizing the decoupling of the relationship between code modules and achieving stable generation from project documentation to project codes.

Third, a new mode of grand model programming interaction. Users only need to care about product requirements and description document writing, and follow the step guidance of the software factory to complete software development, testing, and deployment.

According to the introduction, China Telecom has completed the accumulation of over 500TB of text data, 1.2 billion graphic and text data, and PB-level video data, and jointly built more than 20 industry grand models covering education, government affairs, emergency, etc. with the leading ecosystem, covering more than 500 application scenarios in all industries.

According to TapTechNews' previous report, China Telecom released the Xingchen Super Multi-Dialect Speech Recognition Grand Model in May, which supports simultaneous recognition and understanding of more than 30 dialects such as Cantonese, Shanghai dialect, Sichuan dialect, Wenzhou dialect, etc., it is the speech recognition grand model that supports the most dialects in China, solving the problem that the information services of the elderly and users in old, less-developed and border areas cannot be reached.