Tesla's Model S and X See Big Drop in Sales, Company's Opaque Data Report

TapTechNews on July 7, according to Electrek, the sales performance of Tesla Model S and Model X is not good, but the company tries to cover up this declining trend through an opaque delivery data report.

Teslas Model S and X See Big Drop in Sales, Company's Opaque Data Report_0

Tesla has never announced sales data by model, and this lack of transparency makes it more difficult to track the health of its automotive business. Tesla is almost the only automaker that does not break down sales data by model.

Currently, Tesla only divides the delivery data into two categories: Model 3/Y and other models, which includes the deliveries of Model S, Model X, Cybertruck and Tesla Semi.

Before the Cybertruck went on the market, this division was acceptable, but now as Tesla increases the production of electric pickup trucks, it is more difficult to track the sales of Model S/X.

TapTechNews reported earlier this week that Tesla announced the delivery volume of other models in the second quarter was 21,551 units. Combined with the previous reports on the Cybertruck recall, it is estimated that the delivery volume of the Cybertruck in the second quarter of Tesla is about 8,000 to 9,000 units.

This means that the sales of Model S/X are roughly between 12,000 and 13,000 units. In contrast, the delivery volume of Model S/X announced by Tesla in the same period last year was 19,225 units, which means that the sales have dropped by 31% to 37% year-on-year.

Such a significant drop in sales cannot be ignored. Tesla is facing fierce competition in the high-end segment. The field where Model S and Model X are located now almost all traditional luxury automakers have the corresponding luxury sedans and SUV models.

Electrek said that even without a decline of about 30%, the sales of Model S and Model X are not very important for Tesla's overall performance because these two models are not the main selling models of Tesla anyway. However, this may herald the sales trend of Tesla's other models in the future.

Unlike last quarter, Tesla can no longer use insufficient capacity to explain the decline in the sales of Model S and Model X. This also highlights Tesla's weakness in promoting multiple model projects at the same time. Compared with experienced established automakers, Tesla is more inferior in this regard, and the latter's advantage lies in being able to manage the development of multiple model projects at the same time.