Volkswagen ID.Golf Model Launch Postponed to 2029 Due to SSP Delays

TapTechNews July 11th news, according to the local time July 11th report of German Manager Magazin, the launch time of the Volkswagen ID.Golf model will be postponed to 2029, which is 15 months later than the original plan. This is because the advent of most models based on the SSP architecture will be later than previously planned.

Volkswagen ID.Golf Model Launch Postponed to 2029 Due to SSP Delays_0

The magazine said that this decision was made by the Volkswagen Group's management board on July 2 local time. Meanwhile, another model named T-Sport, a large pure electric SUV, will be launched three years later than the original plan and will not hit the market until 2031.

The Volkswagen Group has not confirmed the rumor of the postponement of multiple models. For CEO Oliver Blume and brand director Thomas Schäfer, this is undoubtedly a major blow. Schäfer said in June this year that the SSP platform will be available in 2028. But whether it is the overall postponement of the entire platform or the postponement of the production of some models, it is not yet known.

TapTechNews note: According to the Volkswagen Group's plan, SSP will become the standard electric platform for many Volkswagen models, covering models of multiple sizes and classes.

The report said that there are various reasons for the postponement, one of which is the software issue. SSP platform models will use the E32.0 software of Volkswagen's software division Cariad, but due to the overly slow progress of the new platform, new cars must be launched in a very tight rhythm, which Volkswagen believes is not feasible. In some cases, some models have to be significantly postponed.

The group also plans to develop other hardware platforms. In order to keep the electric vehicle model series alive before the (already postponed) SSP is launched, the current MEB platform is also being further developed into MEB+, and the first batch of models based on MEB+ will be launched in 2026.