Tesla Pushes New FSD Beta Update 12.4.3, Skipping 12.4.2 Version

TapTechNews July 7th news, Tesla has pushed the latest update 12.4.3 of the FSD Beta version to some users this week. Previously, due to the training data of the 12.4.2 version mainly coming from user intervention rather than normal driving scenarios, which led to the postponement of its release time, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained this last week.

 Tesla Pushes New FSD Beta Update 12.4.3, Skipping 12.4.2 Version_0

According to the news from the Tesla enthusiast community Teslascope and the feedback from several non-Tesla employee users who received the update earlier this week, Tesla skipped the 12.4.2 version and directly released the 12.4.3 version update instead.

It is understood that only users who participated in the FSD Beta test in the early stage have obtained this update, and some users have already shared the driving record videos when using this version online.

TapTechNews noticed that another FSD Beta test user, DaveLee, also received the 12.4.3 version update on Friday and shared some of his insights on the new version. Lee said that the new version has improved in some important operations, and the overall feeling is more smooth and confident, but there is still a gap from perfection.

Lee pointed out that using the 12.4.3 version is the best FSD autopilot assistance he has experienced so far. Although there are occasional awkward moments, the overall performance is much better than the past few minor version updates. Lee wrote: Compared to the 12.3.6 version, 12.4.3 made my two-hour drive more smooth. It feels like a more skilled old driver is controlling the vehicle, more confident and decisive.I hardly need to step on the accelerator pedal frequently anymore, just let the system complete the driving task by itself.