SmartSens Unveils New Small-Size Image Sensors for Notebooks and Tablets

TapTechNews July 11th news, CMOS image sensor supplier SmartSens today announced the brand-new launch of the super-small-size global shutter image sensors SC038MPC (0.3 megapixels) and SC020MPC (0.16 megapixels) for notebook computers and tablet series.

Both new products adopt SmartSens' SmartGSTM-2 Plus technology and are suitable for perception cameras of AIPC devices, which can meet the image capture needs of functions such as human presence detection, always-on standby, and intelligent face recognition.

 SmartSens Unveils New Small-Size Image Sensors for Notebooks and Tablets_03

According to the introduction, SC038MPC and SC020MPC are equipped with SmartSens' patented LightboxIR near-infrared enhancement technology. Among them, the peak quantum efficiency (peak QE) of SC020MPC can reach 95%, and it is claimed that the quantum efficiency in the near-infrared bands of 850nm and 940nm is about 10% and 5% higher than that of similar products.

The realization of functions such as human presence detection and always-on standby requires the background resident support of perception cameras. SC038MPC and SC020MPC adopt an ultra-low power consumption design. Taking SC020MPC as an example, its power consumption is as low as 48.4 milliwatts (240 fps).

In terms of specific specifications, the package size of SC038MPC is approximately 2.73mm × 2.28mm, and the package size of SC020MPC is approximately 1.78mm × 1.78mm. It can be used as an image sensor for perception cameras and can be combined with the previously released PC main camera application image sensors SC521PC (5 megapixels) and SC200PC (2 megapixels) to form a complete set of image sensor solutions for the AIPC device visual system.

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TapTechNews learned from the official of SmartSens that currently, SC038MPC and SC020MPC have accepted sample deliveries, and it is expected to achieve mass production in the third quarter of 2024.