Samsung Passes Nvidia's HBM3e Quality Test, Set to Mass Produce HBM Chips

TapTechNews July 4th, it is reported by Korean media NewDaily that Samsung Electronics has passed the quality test of Nvidia's HBM3e (High Bandwidth Memory). Samsung is about to start mass production of HBM memory chips, and negotiations with Nvidia on the supply issue have begun.

Samsung Passes Nvidias HBM3e Quality Test, Set to Mass Produce HBM Chips_0

Samsung Electronics recently received the PRA (Product Readiness Approval) notice of the HBM3e quality test from Nvidia. This is the result achieved after Samsung dispatched executives in charge of HBM memory development to the US for more than a month at the request of Nvidia.

According to TapTechNews' previous report, in March this year, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that the verification of Samsung's HBM memory chips has begun. In May, it was reported that Samsung's HBM memory chips failed the Nvidia test due to heat and power consumption issues. Jensen Huang stated at the 2024 Computex Taipei that it is still certifying Samsung's HBM memory and denied that Samsung's HBM failed any Nvidia tests.

Foreign media said that Samsung urgently needs to supply HBM to Nvidia. Passing the Nvidia test means that from the second half of the year, the performance of HBM may achieve a leap. Affected by this news, the share price of Samsung Electronics rose by 3.6% on July 4th, reaching the highest point since April 12; the share price of SK Hynix (one of the main suppliers of Nvidia's HBM memory) fell by 4.7%, the largest decline since June 24.