Microsoft May Not Release New Windows 11 Preview Version This Week, Focuses on Fixing Problems

TapTechNews July 4th news, the tech media NeoWin today posted a blog post, estimating that Microsoft will no longer release any new Windows 11 preview version this week, but focus on fixing many problems in the previous versions.

This media contacted BrandonLeBlanc on the X platform and asked if Microsoft will release a new Windows 11 preview version this week. BrandonLeBlanc is a senior project manager of the Windows Insider team, and he said:

I think there should not be any new preview version released this week. If the situation changes, of course we will post the news on Twitter as usual.

TapTechNews reported on July 2nd that Microsoft has suspended inviting members of the Windows Insider project in the Dev channel to test the new features of Windows 11 Build 26120.961.

Microsoft has not clearly specified which problems exactly. This is not the only recalled update recently. Microsoft withdrew the KB5039302 update last week. Users with virtualization software reported that after installing this update, it led to an infinite loop boot and could not enter the desktop.

Judging from BrandonLeBlanc's reply, the focus of Microsoft's Windows Insider project team has been on polishing stability and further reducing BUGs.