iFLYTEK Showcased Upgraded 'Flytek Xiaoyi' App at WAIC2024

TapTechNews July 6 news, during the recently held 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2024), iFLYTEK showed the upgraded Flytek Xiaoyi App, which can construct a personal digital health space according to user personalized data such as electronic medical records, examination reports, and physical examination reports.

It is reported that after the release of Spark Large Model 4.0 at the end of last month, Spark Medical Large Model and Flytek Xiaoyi App were also simultaneously upgraded, claiming that the medical core capabilities fully surpassed GPT-4Turbo and GPT-4o.

iFLYTEK Showcased Upgraded Flytek Xiaoyi' App at WAIC2024_0

TapTechNews summarizes the main information of this App as follows:

The official introduction stated that this App can further analyze the cause of the disease before seeing a doctor, give individual judgment on drug taboos when taking medicine, and jointly compare and give data changes after examination. It can also understand the health status of other family members through role switching.

It covers 1600 common diseases, 2800 common drugs, and 6000 common examinations and tests, which can meet the core scene health needs of users before seeing a doctor, when taking medicine, and after examination. In addition, this application claims to have no ads and no mixed messages, and has passed with high scores the comprehensive written test of the clinical practicing physician qualification examination.

Staff members said that this App has also passed multiple types of authoritative certifications for data security and privacy protection, which can further ensure the security of health data. Its goal will be to create an AI health assistant for everyone and every family.

iFLYTEK Showcased Upgraded Flytek Xiaoyi' App at WAIC2024_1

Specifically, it can realize symptom self-check, drug query, TCM syndrome differentiation, report interpretation, hospital recommendation, department recommendation, and dietary advice and other functions.

iFLYTEK Showcased Upgraded Flytek Xiaoyi' App at WAIC2024_2