Corsair Releases RS Series PWM Fans with Multiple Options

Corsair released the RS series PWM fans on July 9 (Beijing time yesterday). There are two specifications available: 120mm/140mm, two colors: black/white, with/without ARGB light effect. A total of 8 products, all of which are 25mm standard thickness.

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All RS fans support daisy-chain connection. Only one 4-pin PWM interface on the motherboard is needed to control the speed of all fans. For RS ARGB models, the light effect control also supports daisy-chain connection, and only one 4-1-pin interface on the motherboard needs to be connected.

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Corsair said that the RS series fans are specially designed to provide excellent airflow and static pressure performance: the fan frame is as thin as possible to accommodate larger fan blades; and the blades themselves have also been optimized in terms of angle of attack, airfoil shape and edge curvature.

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The RS series fans also use the magnetic dome bearing and CORSAIR AIRGUIDE stator blade technology equipped on many Corsair fans in recent times, and support Zero RPM low-load stop rotation.

The parameter specifications of the Corsair RS series fans are only determined by the size and are not affected by color and whether there is ARGB or not. TapTechNews sorts out as follows:

120mm version: rotation speed range 420~2100 RPM, air volume 13.3~72.8 CFM, static pressure 0.2~4.15 mmHg, noise 10~36 dB(A);

140mm version: rotation speed range 330~1700 RPM, air volume 14.6~95.5 CFM, static pressure 0.11~3.46 mmHg, noise 10~36 dB(A).

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The RS series fans have now been launched on the Corsair official website. The price of each version has nothing to do with color, and the pricing of multi-packs with lower unit prices is as follows:

RS120 three-pack: $39.99 (about 291 yuan currently);

RS120 ARGB three-pack: $54.99 (about 400 yuan currently);

RS140 two-pack: $34.99 (about 255 yuan currently);

RS140 ARGB two-pack: $44.99 (about 328 yuan currently).