TapTechNews July 11th news, Tencent's first open-world racing mobile game, Need for Speed: Assembly, kicks off the full-platform public beta today, and players will receive a Jay Chou-limited character and the legendary golden car Lamborghini upon login. The High-Definition Simulator that was originally scheduled to open for download on the game's official website at 8:00 today will be postponed until the afternoon of July 11th, and the mobile download is not affected.


The game is authorized by EA and developed by TiMi, and will be launched on mobile phones, tablets, simulators, and in-car terminals, claiming no partitions, no servers, and unlimited interaction with one account.

According to the introduction, Need for Speed: Assembly upgrades the classic contents such as the big world and Heat Pursuit in Need for Speed into a world of free interaction among full-platform players, such as the 40-person asymmetric racing chase-and-escape gameplay, and provides hundreds of top luxury cars of Chinese and foreign brands, such as BYD Yangwang series, etc.




TapTechNews found that the game's website shows that it has reached cooperation with many brands and will provide brand models such as Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, XPeng, Hongqi, NIO, etc.