FTC Investigates 5 Major Tech Companies Including Microsoft for AI Monopoly

TapTechNews July 11th news, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued an announcement that it has intervened in the investigation of 5 major technology companies including Microsoft. On the one hand, it focuses on examining whether there is monopoly behavior in their investment and cooperation processes in the AI field. On the other hand, it is to help the FTC gain insight into the current competitive pattern of the AI market and the potential impact on innovation.

FTC Investigates 5 Major Tech Companies Including Microsoft for AI Monopoly_0

This investigation, one point that has attracted much attention from the outside world is that the FTC will conduct in-depth investigations into the investment relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI, as well as the actual significance and competitive impact of relevant investments.

Microsoft is an important player in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud services. Its investment in OpenAI has made it the target of more and more reviews, causing concerns among industry experts and regulatory agencies about potential market dominance and anti-competitive behavior.

The FTC stated that this investigation will promote healthy competition in AI technology and guide the development of market competitiveness and innovation.

TapTechNews reported yesterday that in order to deal with the anti-monopoly investigation, Microsoft announced on Monday local time that it will give up the observer seat on the OpenAI board. Microsoft said that OpenAI has made significant progress in the past eight months and is full of confidence in the company's development direction, so the seat is no longer needed.