AYANEO to Demonstrate 7-inch OLED 120Hz Handheld Console

TapTechNews July 9th news, the official of AYANEO handheld console announced that the "world's first 7-inch OLED 120Hz screen flagship Android handheld console" AYANEO Pocket EVO will have a live demonstration at 8 pm on July 10th, but will not announce price and other information.

According to the official introduction of AYANEO, EVO means Evolution, representing evolutionary innovation. This retro handheld console will be officially released at the end of this month.

AYANEO to Demonstrate 7-inch OLED 120Hz Handheld Console_0

Referring to the previous report of TapTechNews, this handheld console adopts a CNC aluminum alloy middle frame, a fully laminated glass panel, and a borderless full-screen design, and is equipped with a 3.5-inch IPS true-color screen with a 960*640 resolution that is 4 times that of the GBA screen, and can achieve 4 times integer zoom.

In addition, this machine is equipped with a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, which can smoothly play GBA games with 4 times the resolution, and the performance can support up to PS2 games at most.