SeaSonic Releases FOCUS V4 Power Supply with Advanced Technologies

TapTechNews July 3rd news, SeaSonic recently released the FOCUS V4 power supply, equipped with the brand-new OptiSink high-efficiency heat dissipation technology.

SeaSonic Releases FOCUS V4 Power Supply with Advanced Technologies_0

SeaSonic OptiSink consists of multiple heat dissipation optimizations: moving the key heat-generating components to the front of the PCB to reduce heat accumulation; mounting the MOS vertically on a vertical small card and using thermal paste to improve the heat transfer efficiency; attaching the MOS directly to the PCB to utilize the copper foil of the PCB for rapid heat dissipation.

SeaSonic Releases FOCUS V4 Power Supply with Advanced Technologies_1

SeaSonic claims that the OptiSink technology can increase the heat dissipation space by 48% and the thermal conductivity coefficient is even increased by 8 times.

In addition, SeaSonic also adds heat transfer paths and holes in the PCB of the FOCUS V4 power supply to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the MOS; and improves the stability and reliability of the power supply through the SMD front-striking process.

SeaSonic has currently launched the gold conversion efficiency version of the FOCUS V4 power supply (TapTechNews note: that is, the GX series), including three power levels of 750/850/1000 W, all of which have a ten-year warranty.

These three power supplies adopt an active PFC + full-bridge LLC + synchronous rectification + DC-DC conversion scheme, which conforms to the Intel ATX3.1 standard, and the overall power supply can withstand 230+% instantaneous peak power consumption, which is higher than the 200% specified in the ATX3.1 standard.

This series of power supplies adopts a full modular design, is standard with textured modular lines, and is equipped with a native 12V-2×6 graphics card power supply interface, which can withstand a 300% instantaneous power consumption load of the graphics card.

In addition, these power supplies house a 135mm FDB bearing fan that supports low-load shutdown within the standard ATX specification, which is more excellent than the 120mm fan commonly used in standard ATX power supplies.