Huawei Cloud's openGemini Accepted by Cloud Native Computing Foundation

TapTechNews July 10th news, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) officially accepted the cloud native high-performance time series database project openGemini initiated by Huawei Cloud and became an official project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Huawei Clouds openGemini Accepted by Cloud Native Computing Foundation_0

openGemini is the open source product corresponding to Huawei Cloud's database GeminiDB. GeminiDB is a multi-modal NoSQL database based on the cloud native computing and storage separation architecture, and has been applied and landed in the operations and maintenance business of Huawei Cloud itself, the vehicle networking business of top-level new energy vehicle enterprises, the operations and maintenance platform of Internet giants, and the Internet of Things platform of large central state-owned enterprises.

Huawei Clouds openGemini Accepted by Cloud Native Computing Foundation_1

According to TapTechNews' previous report, in June 2022, Huawei Cloud open sourced the core of the GaussDB time series spatio-temporal database; in 2023, openGemini joined the open source Euler openEulerSIG-DB.

According to the introduction, since openGemini was open sourced in 2022, the community has developed a total of 22 sub-projects, has received more than 1000 GitHub Stars and more than 140 Forks, and more than 100 open source enthusiasts from external enterprises and universities have participated in community development and contribution, and more than 60 enterprises and units have tested and applied.

The official website of openGemini:

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