Intel ArrowLake-S Has NPU Module with Low Computing Power

TapTechNews July 9th news, although previous leakers all thought that Intel's ArrowLake-S and HX series processors didn't have any dedicated NPU hardware, but according to the news from @Jaykihn, ArrowLake-S actually has an NPU module, but the computing power is not high, so Intel didn't promote it.

According to Microsoft's standard, the dedicated computing power of NPU in PC processors must at least meet the requirement of 40 TOPS to be titled Copilot+PC, while the NPU computing power here in ArrowLake-S is only 13 TOPS, which is even less than the performance that the CPU part can provide, and is far behind the StrixPoint and LunarLake processors with 48-50 TOPS.

 Intel ArrowLake-S Has NPU Module with Low Computing Power_0

Of course, NPU performance is only a part of AI capabilities. Intel generally promotes the overall AI acceleration performance of the CPU and GPU. For example, the AI performance of the GPU part in the ArrowLake processor here can reach 9 TOPS, and the CPU part can reach 15 TOPS, totaling 37 TOPS. Although it is not as good as LunarLake, it is already 3 times that of RaptorLake-S.

TapTechNews summarizes the latest NPU architectures and their TOPS (INT8) data as follows:

AMD Ryzen 9000 series desktop processor GraniteRidge: 0

Intel 13th generation RaptorLake-S/HX: 0

AMD Ryzen 7040 series mobile processor Phoenix (XDNA1): 10 TOPS

Intel Core Ultra 200 series ArrowLake-S/HX (NPU): 13 TOPS

AMD Ryzen 8000 series HawkPoint (XDNA1) : 16 TOPS

Qualcomm Snapdragon X (Hexagon): 45 TOPS

Intel Core Ultra 200V series mobile processor LunarLake-MX (NPU4.0): 48 TOPS

AMD Ryzen AI 300 series mobile processor StrixPoint (XDNA2): 50 TOPS