Bilibili's (B Station) Live Adjusts 'Grand Voyage' Paid Function

TapTechNews July 9th news, Bilibili (B Station) Live yesterday released the Grand Voyage Upgrade Announcement, and adjusted its paid function Grand Voyage.

Bilibilis (B Station) Live Adjusts 'Grand Voyage' Paid Function_0

TapTechNews note: The Grand Voyage function of B Station is equivalent to the paid VIP for anchors, with three levels of Captain, Admiral, and Governor. The current monthly prices are 198 RMB (previously, it could be opened and cancelled for unlimited times to open at 138 RMB through continuous monthly subscription)/1998 RMB/19998 RMB. There have been 10 B Station anchors who achieved the 10,000-ship (that is, more than 10,000 Captains at the same time) achievement.

Starting from July 11th, the immediate renewal price for a single-month Captain and the expired membership retention price will be increased to 15% off, that is, 168 RMB.

Before July 11th, all the crew members who have already subscribed monthly and newly opened monthly subscriptions will continue to enjoy the first continuous monthly subscription benefit, that is, 70% off 138 RMB for continuous monthly subscription. If the continuous monthly subscription is cancelled midway, this first package benefit will no longer be enjoyed, and the subsequent renewal monthly subscription price will be increased from 70% off to 15% off, that is, 168 RMB for continuous monthly subscription.

In addition, because the WeChat payment channel does not support continuous re-signing of products, starting from July 11th, continuous monthly subscription will no longer support the WeChat payment channel, and users can choose other monthly purchase channels such as battery monthly subscription or Alipay channels.