Apple and Google's New Migration Function for Global Users in Response to EU Digital Markets Act

TapTechNews July 11th news, in the Digital Markets Act of the European Union, it is required that service providers must ensure that users can transfer their data among different service providers, and it is not allowed to confine users in their own ecosystem or prevent users from using alternative services.

Apple has cooperated with Google to bring a new migration function. Users don't need to download and then upload by themselves. Users can transfer photos/videos in iCloud albums to Google Photos and vice versa.

Apple and Googles New Migration Function for Global Users in Response to EU Digital Markets Act_0

TapTechNews noticed that this service is not exclusive to the EU region but will be provided to global users.

Regarding this function, Apple has listed some precautions:

After transferring photos and videos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos, they will not be deleted from Google Photos.

No need to download photos or videos for transmission. The photos and videos will be directly transferred from Google to iCloud.

The transmission process may take several hours to several days to complete, depending on the size of the photos and videos to be transmitted.

Only photo and video files can be transferred to iCloud Photos, and other file types (such as Live Photos, Live Wallpapers or Memories) will not be transferred.

Photos and video files that cannot be transferred to iCloud Photos (including RAW files) will be transferred to iCloud Drive.

The photos and videos will be transmitted at the export resolution provided by Google.