WeChat Public Platform to Crack Down on Vulgar Content

TapTechNews July 11th news, the WeChat Public Platform Operation Center announced this evening that in order to maintain a civilized and green online environment and ensure the reading experience of users, the platform will continue to patrol and will take corresponding measures according to the specific degree of violation once it finds illegal content.

According to the introduction, the platform has recently found that some articles published by operators contain vulgar content with strong sexual implications or contrary to social ethics and public order, and such content will have a negative impact on the reading experience of users and social atmosphere.

TapTechNews attaches the main types of vulgar and illegal content as follows:

Vulgar and borderline cases

Two-sex related information, the title expression is inconsistent with the main idea of the article, such as the title maliciously selected, deliberately creating contradictions and two-sex related hotspots.

Title strengthening improper marital relationship, incorrect concept of marriage and love, underage temptation and other factors contrary to social ethics and public order.

Under the guise of two-sex knowledge popularization, the actual content mixed with strong sexual implications or contrary to public order and good customs factors, and lacks certain scientific and rationality.

Vulgar diversion cases

Articles use sexually suggestive and flirtatious words or pictures to induce users to click and jump to another graphic page/miniprogram/public number/outer link, etc.

The cover picture involves sexual implications and deliberately uses the identification of confusing function keys such as red dot prompts and play buttons to mislead users to click.

Vulgar novel cases

The title has little to do with the content of the novel, deliberately highlighting sexual-related points to attract attention.

Vulgar picture cases

The配图 is the sensitive parts of men/women, and a series of scenes that directly show pornographic and vulgar, or implicit, sexually flirtatious and sexually associative scenes.