realme GT6 Phone Announcement with realmeUI 5.0 and Impressive Features

TapTechNews July 6th news, realme announced today that the realme GT6 phone is equipped with the brand-new realmeUI 5.0, supporting 4-year update and maintenance, and a 3-major-version upgrade plan, and the system experience is 'completely transformed'.

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The realme GT6 phone will be released at 14:00 on July 9th, providing Lunar Exploration Edition, Light Year White, and Storm Purple. The new phone adopts a rectangular camera module with a ring-shaped flashlight inside, and the back of the Light Year White and Storm Purple adopts a spliced design. The Lunar Exploration Edition adopts a brand-new 'Dark Side of the Moon' design and uses the floating moonlight micro-carving process to restore the unique landform texture on the surface of the moon.

In terms of configuration, the phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, the world's first BOE S1+ flagship straight screen with a local peak brightness of 6000 nits; the world's first 'Crystal Armor Glass', the drop resistance is increased by 160%, and the scratch resistance is increased by 300%; in cooperation with CATL New Energy, the 'Energy-accumulating Battery' is first launched, with a battery capacity of 5800 mAh and supports 120W fast charging.

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TapTechNews attached realmeUI5.0 content:

Ubiquitous services

New fluid cloud interaction form is added, and important information can be obtained at a glance according to the current service status and content.

Added realmeUI ubiquitous service intelligent car space, and the new Car+ car connection can be directly projected to the car system for use, providing intelligent cross-terminal services in the driving scenario.

Intelligent and efficient

Added a transfer station to realize the content drag-and-drop transfer across devices and applications.

Optimized the cross-terminal synchronization experience of the portable workstation to improve office efficiency.

Optimized text recognition and added support for recognizing handwritten texts in some languages.

Optimized mobile phone relocation, quick verification of new machines, and quick migration of device data.

Safety and privacy

Added privacy watermarks, and added protective watermark images for one-click sharing of ID photos for safer sharing.

Optimized the management of photo and video permissions for safer application access.

Performance optimization

Increased system stability, improved application startup speed, and optimized animation smoothness.

Aquatic design

Upgraded the aquatic color system, adopted a more natural and softer and clearer interface style, bringing a more comfortable color experience.

Added aquatic theme system ringtones and optimized system UI prompt sound effects to improve the sound texture.

Optimized the system animation to bring delicate and smooth animation design.

Humanistic care

Added a carbon footprint public welfare screen-off, which changes dynamically according to the daily steps, visualizing the environmental protection carbon reduction footprint.

Updated the system custom input method to support the display a nd input of rare characters.

System optimization

Added a multi-application volume adjustment function.

Added a screen color temperature ball function to freely adjust the screen warm and cold colors.

Added the screen resolution and supported high-definition and ultra-high-definition picture quality adjustments.