Microsoft to Shut Down Xbox 360 Store & Marketplace After 19 Years

TapTechNews July 4th news, a friendly reminder: After 19 years of online operation, Microsoft's Xbox 360 Store & Marketplace will close at the end of this month, and players can no longer continue to buy new games, DLC or other content in the store.

Microsoft released the Xbox 360 game console in 2005 and plans to close the Xbox 360 Store & Marketplace on July 29, 2024, and also simultaneously close the Microsoft Movies & TV application on the Xbox 360.

In the announcement, Microsoft stated:

After the expiration of the Xbox 360 Store, no products will be supported any longer, including games, trial versions, add-ons, avatar items, applications, player photos, game trailers and videos, etc.

In addition, it also includes game account changes on the Xbox 360, Xbox subscriptions on the Xbox 360, in-game purchases, and video content purchased through the Microsoft Movies & TV application.

TapTechNews cited data from Statista in 2024, the total shipments of Microsoft Xbox 360 exceeded 86 million units, which is Microsoft's best-selling game console so far. The sales of Xbox One exceeded 57 million units, and the sales of the new-generation Xbox Series X|S exceeded 27 million units.

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