Huawei Launches World's First 5G-A Commercial Version Apollo Based on 3GPP R18

TapTechNews July 5th news, during the 2024 Huawei User Conference held today, Sun Rui, the president of Huawei's wireless network R & D, released Apollo, the world's first commercial version of 5G-A based on the 3GPP R18 standard.

 Huawei Launches Worlds First 5G-A Commercial Version Apollo Based on 3GPP R18_0

According to the introduction, the Apollo version can release the potential of multi-frequency networks through intelligent carrier frequency selection and intelligent carrier aggregation, and the uplink and downlink experience improvement in multi-service scenarios can reach up to 30%.

In the multi-antenna scenario, the Apollo version introduces intelligent beam management. Through the integration and innovation of software and hardware, it can continuously release the potential of TDD large bandwidth and M-MIMO, and further improve the network capacity and user experience by 20%.

Apollo also introduces a digital twin system for the first time on the RAN side. The official said that based on its multi-objective decision-making ability, it can achieve both excellent experience and energy conservation.

TapTechNews note: 5G-A is fully known as 5G-Advanced, also known as 5.5G. It is the technological evolution of 5G. Compared to 5G, it can achieve significant improvements in capacity, rate, delay, positioning, reliability, etc.

The first standard version of 5G-A, 3GPP Rel-18, was officially frozen in Shanghai on June 18 this year. This is a milestone event in the development of the 5G industry, marking 2024 as the first year of 5G-A commercial use.

During the MWC2024 Shanghai exhibition last month, Huawei released the industrial technology evolution direction from 5G to 5G-A. Through four technological innovations such as 3DELAA (ultra-large-scale antenna array) antenna technology, differentiated experience solutions, all-time all-series green solutions, and intelligence empowering the network, it will build a brand-new experience in the 5G-A era.

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