Apple's Plans for the Apple Watch Series 10 Bigger screen, thinner design, and health feature challenges

TapTechNews July 7th news, Apple will make significant improvements to the Apple Watch this year. The latest reports say that the AppleWatch Series 10 series will have a larger screen, a thinner design and a faster processor. However, Apple has encountered some obstacles in new health features.

 Apples Plans for the Apple Watch Series 10 Bigger screen, thinner design, and health feature challenges_0

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg disclosed in his latest PowerOn newsletter that both N217 and N218 models of the AppleWatch Series 10 will adopt larger screens this year. Gurman said that the larger of these two models will have a screen about the same size as the Apple Watch Ultra.

TapTechNews noticed that this coincides with the schematic exposed last week, which shows that the larger version of the AppleWatch Series 10 will be equipped with a 2-inch display, slightly larger than the 1.93-inch display of the Apple Watch Ultra. Gurman also said that the AppleWatch Series 10 will be thinner, but the design itself doesn't seem to change much.

The AppleWatch Series 10 and the AppleWatch Ultra 3 will both obtain more powerful processors this year. Gurman said that this may lay the foundation for some future artificial intelligence enhancement functions, but Apple currently has no plan to introduce the full set of AppleIntelligence functions to the Apple Watch.

As for new health features, previous reports said that the Apple Watch Series 10 will add blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea monitoring functions. Today's report of Bloomberg said that Apple made some progress in this regard last year, but later encountered some serious obstacles.

The report said that the blood pressure monitoring technology used for the Apple Watch does not reach the expected reliability during the test, and reliability issues may force Apple to postpone the release of this function beyond this year. Even if this function is available, it will not show users the exact systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. Instead, this function will show the trend of blood pressure over time, similar to the current body temperature function of the Apple Watch.

The sleep apnea monitoring function reportedly possessed by the Apple Watch is related to blood oxygen saturation data. Currently, due to the import ban of the US International Trade Commission (ITC), the Apple Watch sold by Apple in the US does not provide blood oxygen monitoring function.

Gurman said that Apple needs to solve this problem by September or find a workaround (maybe the company can argue that its blood oxygen sensor can be used for purposes not directly related to the blood oxygen level itself). Apple may also announce this function but postpone it to a later time or simply postpone it completely.

Bloomberg had previously reported that Apple plans to introduce an Apple Watch X to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the device and said that this revision will be the biggest change so far of the Apple Watch. In today's report, Gurman said that it is still not clear whether the new Apple Watch this year will adopt the naming of the anniversary edition or the larger revision will be left until 2025 for release:

It is not yet clear whether Apple will name the upcoming watch as the anniversary edition, or wait until next year to release. Considering that the Apple Watch was announced in 2014 but not released until 2015, the company may choose to promote the anniversary this year or launch a more blockbuster version in 2025.

The AppleWatch Series 10 and the AppleWatch Ultra 3 are expected to be released together with the iPho ne 16 in September.