Ubisoft's 'XDefiant' S1 Season Launched with Bug Explanations

TapTechNews July 7th news, the S1 season of Ubisoft's free FPS game XDefiant has officially launched on July 2, and game executive producer Mark Rubin explained on X the current situation of the game having quite a few bugs.

Ubisofts 'XDefiant' S1 Season Launched with Bug Explanations_0

Mark Rubin said that XDefiant is not a rush-released game. It is developed based on an engine that has only been used for MMO games before (TapTechNews note: the Snowdrop engine has been used in the The Division series of games), and the team needs to build all the basic architectures of the FPS from the ground up.

Ubisofts 'XDefiant' S1 Season Launched with Bug Explanations_1

Call of Duty and Apex Legends are both developed based on shooting game engines, but the XDefiant development team is developing new technologies on an engine designed for other games.

The producer said that the (Snowdrop engine) is indeed great, but it does require a lot of work (to be used for FPS games), and this work will bring a lot of bugs that other engines have already solved.

We are not a shooting game that has been launched for 20 years. If you like what we are trying to do, stick with it and you will see improvements and the addition of new features. But if the game doesn't suit you, it's okay, you can choose other games (you can move on).