'World of Warcraft' Chinese Mainland Server Launch, Cracking Down on Illegal Behaviors and Offering Rewards

TapTechNews July 3rd, the 'Wrath of the Lich King' for the Chinese server of 'World of Warcraft' was opened last month, and the official server of the Chinese mainland version will also be launched on August 1st.

The official WeChat public account of Blizzard Game Service Center posted yesterday that the 'World of Warcraft' Chinese mainland team will severely crack down on any behavior that attempts to disrupt the game balance and order.

From now on, the 'World of Warcraft' Chinese mainland team kicks off a special campaign to combat illegal gaming behaviors, and players can report through the following three ways:

1. Open the in-game menu interface (default key ESC) and click the'support button' or visit the customer service support website to report to the customer service team.

2. Right-click on the suspected violated character's avatar in the game, select 'Report Player' and then select the 'Cheating' or 'Ruining Game Experience' option, fill in the reason and submit.

3. Visit and follow the Blizzard Game Service Center WeChat public account, click the 'Service Center' at the bottom to open the service page, and select 'Report Cheat'.

The official said that at the end of the month, the total number of successful reports by each player participating in the activity will be counted and ranked according to the total number. Players whose cumulative number of successful reports reaches the top 100 will receive Battle.net points as a reward, among which the first place will be rewarded with 1288 Battle.net points, the second place will be rewarded with 988 Battle.net points, the third place will be rewarded with 688 Battle.net rewards, etc.

TapTechNews noted that in addition to cracking down on improper behaviors in the game, the 'World of Warcraft' Chinese mainland team will also severely crack down on the production, sales and dissemination of cheats. If there is sufficient evidence with legal effect and can help the Chinese mainland team cooperate with the police to file a case, a reward of up to 100,000 yuan will be offered.