Shanghai Launches Special Action for Minors' Network Protection

TapTechNews July 3rd news, according to The Paper report, the Shanghai Municipal Cyberspace Administration, together with the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Procuratorate, the Law Enforcement Corps of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Cyber Security Corps of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments, jointly planned and held the launching ceremony of the series of theme activities of Clean and Sound Guardian - For You for the protection of minors' network in Shanghai today.

It is known that the Clean and Sound Guardian - For You special action for the improvement of the minors' network environment officially launched today is one of the five special actions of Clean and Sound Huangpu River - 2024. The special action will last for 2 months, covering the summer vacation, and further urge the local online socializing, online audio and video, online live streaming, online literature and other online platforms that minors like to see and hear to strengthen the governance of information content.

The special action will focus on rectifying the outstanding problems in seven aspects as follows:

Bad information presented in key links

Irregular content spread in special forms

Illegal acts carried out in hidden spaces

Exclusive products inducing excessive use

Inappropriate profit-making by MCN institutions

Network violence harming minors

Network language polluting the network atmosphere

In addition, the Hu Xiaoxin immersive legal education script killing was premiered in this activity. This script killing combines personal information protection, network violence, network addiction, and chaos in the fan circle and other prominent problems in the protection of minors' network. Teenagers can complete the challenge through a storyline of the checkpoint tasks and understand how to prevent and deal with bad events in the network.

According to TapTechNews' previous report, in last October, the Premier of the State Council signed a State Council decree, and the Regulations on the Protection of Minors on the Network has been officially implemented since January 1st this year. The Regulations mainly stipulates the contents of five major aspects including improving the minors' network protection system and mechanism, promoting the minors' network literacy, strengthening the construction of network information content, protecting the minors' personal information, and preventing and curing the minors' addiction to the network.