Samsung Launches GalaxyRing A Smart Ring with Powerful Features

TapTechNews July 10th news, after months of warm-up, Samsung finally officially launched its first smart ring, GalaxyRing, at the Unpacked event held in Paris today.

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Samsung announced the release time and price of GalaxyRing. The smart ring is now available for pre-order, and the domestic price is 3099 yuan ($440.87), and it is expected to start shipping on July 17.

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The GalaxyRing is sleek and fashionable, very suitable for those who don't like to wear smart watches. The highlight of the GalaxyRing is its powerful health monitoring function. It has built-in advanced health sensors that can monitor health indicators such as heart rate, stress level, body and skin temperature, and can even predict the female physiological cycle and ovulation period through the monitored information to provide a comprehensive health management plan for the wearer.

One of the most notable functions of the GalaxyRing is that it can track snoring and breathing patterns, and combined with the Samsung Health App to provide detailed sleep quality analysis. Although tracking snoring is not an exclusive function of the GalaxyRing, being integrated in such a small smart ring undoubtedly provides more convenience for users.

TapTechNews noticed that the GalaxyRing offers nine different sizes, weighs between 2.3 grams and 3 grams, and has three color schemes of gold, silver and black. In order to allow users to wear it comfortably for a long time, the GalaxyRing is made of lightweight titanium metal and has a fashionable and simple appearance design.

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of the GalaxyRing is between 14.5 mAh and 21.5 mAh, and the charging case is 361 mAh. It can charge 30% of the power in 40 minutes. After being fully charged, it can be used continuously for 7 days without frequent charging.

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