Apple Introduces 'InSight' Feature in tvOS18/iOS18 Developer Preview Beta3

TapTechNews July 9th news, in today's tvOS18 / iOS18 developer preview version Beta3, Apple has introduced a feature called InSight for AppleTV, which allows users to learn about the characters / background music / story information in the TV series with one click.

Apple Introduces InSight' Feature in tvOS18/iOS18 Developer Preview Beta3_0

According to the introduction, this feature is only applicable to AppleTV+ TV series content, claiming that with just one click, the AppleTV application can display all the information that users need to know about this specific scene, users can easily find various shows starring a specific actor, or add the song played in the scene to your AppleMusic library without leaving the AppleTV application.

Apple Introduces InSight' Feature in tvOS18/iOS18 Developer Preview Beta3_1

In addition to the InSight feature, Apple has also brought improvements to the dark icons on the main interface and introduced a brand new dynamic wallpaper for iOS18 this time. Interested friends can click on the relevant update reports of TapTechNews to get more information.

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