Samsung to Release Upgraded Bixby with AI and LLM Later This Year

TapTechNews July 11th news, Samsung confirms that Bixby will soon get an artificial intelligence upgrade. After the release of Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Z Fold6, T.M. Roh, CEO of Samsung's mobile division, said in an interview with CNBC that the company will release an upgraded version of Bixby later this year and be supported by Samsung's own large language model (LLM). Roh said, We will enhance the capabilities of Bixby by applying generative AI technology. A few months ago, Samsung launched its self-developed LLM named Samsung Gauss.

Samsung to Release Upgraded Bixby with AI and LLM Later This Year_0

Previously, there were reports that Samsung was developing an upgraded version of Bixby, but this is the first time Samsung has confirmed the relevant news and revealed the approximate release time. Roh said the company will continue to provide multiple voice assistants on Samsung devices, which may refer to Google's Gemini.

According to TapTechNews, Samsung launched Bixby in 2017, which can perform a variety of tasks in Samsung native applications and even some third-party applications. If Bixby can adopt LLM and generative AI, it will become more practical than it is now, but it also depends on how many third-party services it can collaborate with.

Samsung may showcase the new version of Bixby later this year and plans to launch it along with the Galaxy S25 series early next year. It is reported that the Galaxy S25 series will bring a series of hardware upgrades, design adjustments, and a more powerful, stable and energy-efficient Samsung self-developed Exynos chip.