Limitations of Windows 11 24H2 on Arm for Copilot+PC Driver, Application, Game, and More

TapTechNews July 9th news, according to the latest updated support documentation from Microsoft, there are some limitations for the Copilot+PC with Windows 11 24H2 system, including inability to use scanning and faxing, inability to install certain third-party anti-virus software, etc.

Some applications or games cannot run due to driver issues

Although Microsoft has released the Prism middleware that can simulate the running of most applications, there are also some limitations.

TapTechNews quotes the content of Microsoft's support documentation:

If a driver cannot run on a Copilot+PC device, then the application or hardware that depends on that driver cannot run (at least not fully).

This requires hardware developers to release Arm64 drivers for the device, and then peripheral devices and devices will work.

If the game is too old and has specific driver requirements or is incompatible with anti-cheat functions, it may not be able to run

Microsoft says that if the anti-cheat driver used by the game lacks an Arm version, this game cannot run on the Copilot+PC platform, and users can visit to confirm game compatibility.

This is mainly because although the Windows on ARM system can simulate applications or games, it cannot simulate the driver, and without the driver, games with anti-cheat functions cannot run.

Does not support customizing Windows experience

Microsoft says that if not optimized by the manufacturer, most input method editors, cloud storage applications, and assistive technology applications may not be able to run.

Unable to use third-party anti-virus software 

Users cannot install certain third-party anti-virus software, but for most users, the built-in Defender can meet security needs.

TapTechNews attaches the following differences between Windows 11 24H2 on Arm and Windows 10 on Arm:

Windows 10 on ArmWindows 11 24H2 on ArmDriver compatibilityRequires ARM64 driverRequires ARM64 driverApplication compatibilityDoes not support 64-bit (x64) applicationsImproved support, but still recommends ARM64/x86/Arm32Game compatibilityDoes not support OpenGL>1.1, anti-cheat issuesAnti-cheat issues, check compatibilityCustomizing Windows system applicationsMay have problemsMay have problemsThird-party anti-virus softwareMay have problemsMay have problemsBuilt-in securityLimited compatibilityLimited compatibilityWindows fax and scanNot supportedNot supported