Nothing Launches New WatchPro2 Smartwatch with Multiple Features

TapTechNews July 8th news, Nothing company has launched several new CMF products today, among which one is the WatchPro2 smartwatch.

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Unlike the previous square shape, WatchPro2 adopts a classic round dial design. According to CMF's press release, the aluminum alloy case wraps around the new shape of WatchPro2, with full sense of fashion. The wristwatch is equipped with a 1.32-inch AMOLED display that supports the always-on display function, with a resolution of 466x466, which is slightly smaller than that of the previous generation.

CMF says users can choose from more than 100 watch faces, including static ones to match the always-on function. In addition, there are also watch faces such as dynamic videos and interactive designs to choose from. Swiping right from the watch face can open a series of widgets of WatchPro2, and these customizable widgets cover users' health and fitness data, weather, schedule management, music control, etc., and users can customize the widgets through the CMF Watch app.

The other highlight of WatchPro2 is the replaceable bezel. Users can choose a variety of alloy bezels for replacement to change the appearance of the watch, and these replaceable bezels have both curved and flat styles.

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In addition, pressing and rotating the crown of WatchPro2 can scroll through the app list. The wristwatch also supports some gesture controls, such as rotating the wrist to answer the phone, skipping songs or checking the weather.

In terms of functions, WatchPro2 provides more than 120 sports modes, and can identify five sports without manual input, namely outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking and outdoor cycling. CMF also says that the device provides 24/7 monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen and stress level.

The exercise data can be uploaded to mainstream health platforms such as Apple Health, Google Health Connect and Strava in addition to being saved in the watch's app. WatchPro2 also upgrades the sleep monitoring function, which can provide data on sleep quality, naps and various sleep stages. In addition, the menstrual tracking function has been added, which can provide intelligent reminders and predictions.

Thanks to the built-in AI noise reduction technology, CMF says WatchPro2 can have clear calls through the Bluetooth 5.3 connection. Users can store 30 contacts on the watch and make calls directly through the microphone and speaker.

WatchPro2 has a built-in 305mAh battery. CMF estimates that it can last for 11 days without enabling the always-on display; after enabling the always-on display, the battery life is shortened to 9 days, and WatchPro2 can be fully charged within 100 minutes with the included charging cable.

The aluminum alloy case of CMF WatchPro2 has an IP68 waterproof rating and is compatible with Android 8 and above systems and iOS 13 and above systems. The device is priced at 69 US dollars (TapTechNews note: currently about 503 yuan), and consumers can purchase it from the official website or cooperative retailers. If additional bezel and strap kits are required, an additional 19 US dollars (currently about 139 yuan) is required.