Huawei HiCar Gets New Beta Update with Enhanced Features

TapTechNews July 3rd news, according to the feedback from TapTechNews friends, Huawei HiCar has received a beta update, with the installation package size being 32.2 megabytes, and the activity date ranging from June 29, 2024 to July 31, 2024.

 Huawei HiCar Gets New Beta Update with Enhanced Features_0

It is introduced that HiCar Smart Mobility is a mobile phone and car interconnect product launched by Huawei. Through a simple connection, users can use the functions such as navigation, music, phone, and voice interaction of the mobile phone through the car radio while driving. The highlights of the beta version functions are as follows:

The new AI experience upgrade of the voice assistant for Huawei Mate 60 series, Pura 70 series, and MateX5 series models, and supports hot news summaries and short article writing (please look forward to the subsequent supported models).

Solving known issues

TapTechNews noticed that in addition to the above update points, Huawei HiCar Smart Mobility also has a new refresh rate limit switch option on the mobile phone side.

It is known that previously, after Huawei mobile phone users connected to the car radio using HiCar Smart Mobility, the mobile phone side would automatically limit the refresh rate to 60 Hz. After this update of the refresh rate limit switch, users can manually choose whether to limit the highest refresh rate of the mobile phone screen.

 Huawei HiCar Gets New Beta Update with Enhanced Features_1

It should be noted that this application requires mobile phones that support the latest versions of EMUI10.0, EMUI11.0, HarmonyOS2.x, HarmonyOS3.0, and MagicUl3.0 and above, and are connected to cars that support HUAWEI HiCar. Please update the mobile phone system and HUAWEI HiCar to the latest version before use.