China Unicom's First 5G-A High-Precision Positioning in High-End Manufacturing Industry

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to the official news of China Unicom, the Smart City Research Institute of China Unicom, in-depth cooperation with Purple Mountain Laboratories, Jiangsu Unicom and China Information Technology Designing & Consulting Institute, jointly created the first 5G-A (5.5G) high-precision positioning commercialization in the high-end manufacturing industry nationwide at Suzhou Hua Xing Yuan Chuang Technology Co., Ltd., and the measured positioning accuracy breakthrough the sub-meter level for the first time.

According to Purple Mountain Laboratories, the design goal of the 5G positioning system in the (Phase II) of Hua Xing Yuan Chuang factory is to provide real-time sub-meter-level accurate positioning services for material vehicles, AGV robots and factory personnel in the 36,000-square-meter automated assembly workshop.

The laboratory delivery team closely cooperated with the participating units of Unicom and completed the system deployment on schedule under the extremely tight deployment time. After actual measurement, the real-time positioning accuracy of the 5G positioning system reaches the sub-meter level with a 90% probability (TapTechNews note: resolution below 1 meter), and most areas are better than 0.5 meters.

On June 22nd, China Unicom and Purple Mountain Laboratories held the national commercial promotion conference of 5G-A high-precision fusion positioning in Hua Xing Yuan Chuang factory. Dozens of responsible persons of high-end equipment industrial backbone enterprises visited the system operation demonstration on site in the workshop.

Dr. Fan Ji'an, the chief scientist of big data of China Unicom Group, said that this is the first time that China Unicom has improved the 5G positioning accuracy from meter level to sub-meter level: Previously, our positioning services mainly relied on Beidou and UWB, and 5G was often only used to transmit information because its positioning accuracy was only 3-5 meters. While in Hua Xing Yuan Chuang, we used the 5G positioning base station + algorithm platform jointly developed with Purple Mountain Laboratories for the first time, making the accuracy reach 50-70 centimeters... It seems that the content of the second floor exhibition hall of our headquarters really should be updated.

5G-A is fully known as 5G-Advanced, also known as 5.5G, which is the technological evolution of 5G, and can achieve significant improvements in capacity, rate, delay, positioning, reliability, etc. compared to 5G.

The first standard version of 5G-A, 3GPP Rel-18, was officially frozen in Shanghai on June 18th this year, which is a milestone event in the development of the 5G industry, marking that 2024 will become the first year of 5G-A commercialization.