Pony.ai Warns of Illegal Elements Using Its Name for Fraudulent Activities

TapTechNews July 11th news, Pony.ai released a statement yesterday, saying that it recently received reports from the masses that some illegal elements used the name of Pony.ai Technology Co., Ltd. to develop mobile applications to attract social investment, and spread false information such as 'Pony PONYAI money game' and 'Latest Revelation of Pony #Money Game' on social media to carry out illegal financial activities.

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Pony.ai stated that after verification, the above-mentioned behaviors have seriously damaged the company's intellectual property rights, brand image and public reputation, and are suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. The company has reported to the public security organs at the first time.

TapTechNews attaches the Pony.ai statement as follows:

First, our company has not carried out any wealth management investment, product subscription, fund raising and other businesses, and has never authorized any third party or individual to carry out relevant businesses in the name of our company. The content and behavior related to the 'Pony' and 'Pony Intelligent Driving' forged by illegal elements have no any association with our company.

Second, our company solemnly warns any organization and individual who is currently using the name of Pony.ai Technology Co., Ltd. for fraud and other illegal activities to immediately stop all illegal behaviors. Our company will resolutely safeguard its own rights and interests through legal channels once it finds that the illegal behavior of infringing on our company's legitimate rights and interests by using the name of Pony.ai Technology Co., Ltd. without permission.

Third, remind the general public to strengthen the awareness of risk prevention. Please identify our company's official website (www.pony.ai), official social accounts (WeChat official account: Pony.ai Pony.ai), and official mobile application (Pony.ai). Please investors establish a correct investment concept. For financial investment, please go to regular financial institutions for handling. Do not believe any content and commitment of illegal elements easily to prevent personal property from being lost.

Fourth, if you find any act of misappropriating our company's name or impersonating our company's personnel to carry out illegal fund-raising and fraud, please verify or report by leaving a message in the background of Pony.ai's official WeChat public account or sending an email to legal@pony.ai, and report to the public security organs when necessary.

Pony.ai Technology Co., Ltd. (Pony.ai)

July 10th, 2024