Chinese Teams' Performance in 2024 Esports World Cup's 'DOTA2' Qualifiers

TapTechNews July 7th news, in the final round of the 2024 Esports World Cup's 'DOTA2' Qualifiers that ended early this morning, the Chinese team AR drew 1:1 with nouns, and ultimately AR ended their Riyadh journey with a 1-9 record. Subsequently, the AR team announced: Due to the recent poor performance, the team will enter an adjustment period.

Chinese Teams Performance in 2024 Esports World Cup's 'DOTA2' Qualifiers_0

The other two Chinese regional teams, LGD and G2xiG, drew 1:1 in the direct showdown in the last round. Since both teams had a record of 3-7, the two teams had a BO3 playoff. The winner played the crossover game, and the loser was directly eliminated.

Finally, LGD won the playoff 2:1 against G2xiG and advanced to the next round of the crossover game to compete for a place in the group stage, while G2xiG was eliminated.

Chinese Teams Performance in 2024 Esports World Cup's 'DOTA2' Qualifiers_1

According to the officially announced tournament format, the qualifying stage adopts the AB double group system, with each group having 6 teams in a BO2 double round-robin format. The top three teams in each group advance directly, the sixth team is directly eliminated, and the fourth and fifth teams in each group will have a crossover BO3 confrontation to determine the last two group stage places.

LGD will play against the nouns team at 0:00 on July 8th, and the winner will enter the next stage - the group stage. The directly invited XG team has been waiting here for a long time, and they will start their group stage journey from July 10th to July 14th.

The knockout stage game time is from July 16th to July 21st. The knockout stage is a double-elimination format, and the finals is a Bo5 for the rest of the games are Bo3. The finals will be held at 23:00 Beijing time on July 21st.