Apple's New Developments Xcode Supports iOS 18 Beta 3, ImagePlayground, and AppleIntelligence

TapTechNews July 11th news, developers Aaron Perris and Matthew Rodarmel tweeted yesterday (July 10th), finding that Apple's development tool Xcode now supports the simulated iOS 18 Beta 3 developer test version, and relevant setting options about AppleIntelligence were found in the settings.

Apples New Developments Xcode Supports iOS 18 Beta 3, ImagePlayground, and AppleIntelligence_0

Unfortunately, after enabling these options, they didn't take effect, and no new animations appeared when calling Siri.

In the macOS 15 Beta 3 system update, the ImagePlayground feature was also found, through which users can instantly generate images using a series of concepts such as themes, clothes, accessories, locations, etc.

Apples New Developments Xcode Supports iOS 18 Beta 3, ImagePlayground, and AppleIntelligence_1

Users can input descriptions and choose from animations, illustrations or sketches, and ImagePlayground will create images according to users' preferences.

Preview images will be created on the device, and the generated images can be accessed in Messages, Notes,无边记 (Notes), or even the dedicated ImagePlayground application.

Apple officially introduced AppleIntelligence (Apple Intelligence) at the WWDC 2024 Global Developers Conference held in June, which will introduce a series of AI features for iPhone, Mac and other devices.

TapTechNews quoted the official introduction of Apple, AppleIntelligence has two basic models:

Local model: A language model with about 3 billion parameters on the device, and the test score is higher than many open-source models with 7 billion parameters (Mistral-7B or Gemma-7B);

Cloud model: A larger cloud language model that can be run through private cloud computing and on Apple chip servers.

Apple plans to open AppleIntelligence in the iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia test versions to be launched this summer, and then will be opened to the public in test version form this autumn, but some functions, more languages and platform support need to wait until next year.

AppleIntelligence can be used for free, but only for devices equipped with the A17 Pro chip or any M-series chip. This means that to use these functions, you need an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the upcoming iPhone 16 series will also support AppleIntelligence.