Proton Launches ProtonDocs File Service with End-to-End Encryption

TapTechNews July 4th news, the Swiss privacy protection company Proton has newly launched ProtonDocs file service, claiming in the official promotion that it is a'secure alternative to Google Drive and Docs', and has achieved end-to-end encryption.

ProtonDocs provides users with end-to-end encrypted (E2E) document creation, editing and collaboration functions, and all functions are integrated with Proton's cloud storage product, Drive.

Proton Launches ProtonDocs File Service with End-to-End Encryption_0

Implementing end-to-end means that even Proton cannot access the user's document content or metadata (such as file names). User data is stored on Swiss servers and is protected by Switzerland's strict privacy laws.

Proton Launches ProtonDocs File Service with End-to-End Encryption_1

ProtonDocs integrates many mainstream functions, and TapTechNews attaches the following official introduction:

Rich text editing: Use advanced formatting options to create and edit documents to achieve professional and beautiful output.

File compatibility: Easily open and edit documents in multiple formats, including Microsoft.docx, ensuring seamless integration and continuous privacy protection.

Comments and collaboration: Add comments, reply to comments and efficiently resolve comment problems to create a collaborative environment.

Embed images: Enhance the document effect by embedding images without affecting the speed while providing a visual background.

Collaborative cursor: See others in the document in real time through the collaborative cursor to make team collaboration more intuitive.

Invite collaborators: Easily invite anyone to participate in your document collaboration. Attendees without a Proton account will be prompted to create a free account to ensure a safe environment for all.

ProtonDocs is currently a web application, but Proton says it will continue to develop and turn it into a cross-platform dedicated application. In addition to documents, ProtonDrive also includes functions such as calendar, file storage, password manager, etc.