Apple VisionPro Slow Sales in US, Expected Growth with Next-Generation

TapTechNews July 11th news, according to data from market tracking agency IDC, since its launch in the US in February, Apple's VisionPro has only briefly sparked a boom at the time of release and has not sold 100,000 units in a quarter, and the US sales in the third quarter will drop by 75% compared to the second quarter.

Apple VisionPro Slow Sales in US, Expected Growth with Next-Generation_0

The US starting price of VisionPro is $3499 (TapTechNews note: the starting price in China is 29999 yuan), and the agency said its global sales for the whole year will not exceed 500,000 units. The affordable AppleVision is expected to be released in 2025, with a price only half that of VisionPro, and with the introduction of the next-generation product, sales will see a significant increase and quarterly sales will exceed 300,000 units.

The main reasons why people give up this device are the excessive weight of the product and the lack of tailor-made killer apps and video content. In addition, some Chinese consumers have feedback that the shape of VisionPro is not suitable for Asian users and there is a problem of uncomfortable wearing.

Francisco Jeronimo, vice president of IDC, said, Regardless of the price, the success of Apple's VisionPro will depend on the available content. As Apple expands the product to the international market, providing corresponding local content will be crucial.