Apple's New Move Targeting Children with AppleWatch

TapTechNews July 11th news, Apple has always hoped to make AppleWatch a smartwatch product for all ages, not just limited to adult iPhone users. Apple's overseas official website launched a brand new page, listing about 12 reasons to explain how AppleWatch is a perfect fit for the children user group.

Apples New Move Targeting Children with AppleWatch_0

TapTechNews noticed that this page focuses on how AppleWatch will benefit children throughout the day. The functions mentioned on the page include: calls, text messages, do-not-disturb mode during class, find function, water resistance, exercise recording, contacting emergency services, playing music, installing third-party applications, using AppleCash, etc.

It is worth noting that for AppleWatch with cellular network function, the above operations can be completed without pairing with an iPhone. In the initial pairing and setup process, an iPhone of a family member is required, but then the paired watch can be managed through this iPhone. As long as a cellular network package is activated for the child's AppleWatch, they can use the watch independently.

Interestingly, the new page on Apple's official website only recommends AppleWatch SE2 and does not mention the more high-end AppleWatch Series 9 or Ultra 2. This may be because Apple believes that for most children, AppleWatch SE2 already has sufficient functions, while the flagship models seem to have some excessive functions. The functions that AppleWatch SE2 lacks include always-on display, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen monitoring, and double-tap gesture, etc.