The 'Planet Earth' Series Movies Shine on the Chinese Screen

TapTechNews July 7th news, the big IP movie of the series 'Planet Earth', 'Planet Earth: Extreme Survival', has been confirmed to be引进 and premiered on the big screen in China for the first time, and is set to be released on July 27th, and the mainland China release poster has been released.

 The Planet Earth' Series Movies Shine on the Chinese Screen_0

It is introduced that the film is produced by the top production team of BBC Studios' Natural History Unit, and the Hans Zimmer team devotes itself to the soundtrack. The production team spent 1904 days visiting 43 countries and regions on six continents around the world, exploring many amazing habitats on the earth through advanced shooting equipment such as lightweight drones, high-speed cameras and remote deep-sea submersibles, presenting the most magnificent spectacles in nature and the incredible survival legends of wild animals, revealing the amazing changes and far-reaching impacts that occur in nature, and feeling the continuation and reincarnation of life.

TapTechNews appendix 'Introduction to the 'Planet Earth' series documentary:

The first season of 'Planet Earth' has a Douban rating of 9.7 points

The documentary photography team that BBC once produced the 'Blue Planet' again gathered to present this classic documentary that is almost impossible to surpass, 'Planet Earth'. From the South Pole to the North Pole, from the equator to the cold zone, from the African savannah to the tropical rainforest, and from the desolate peaks to the deep sea, countless creatures are presented in extremely beautiful postures in front of the world. We have seen the survival status of the animals that depend on it around the Okavango flood and its ebb and flow, and the precious picture of the rare snow leopard hunting in the heavy snow; we have seen the harsh scene where penguins, polar bears, seals and other creatures depend on each other on the ice sheet, and also witnessed the amazing creatures living in the high-temperature environment of the crater in the deep ocean. Of course, there are also the magnificent beautiful scenery and strange landforms around the earth, selflessly showing its most glorious side. There are a total of 11 episodes in this film, and during the period, an aerial camera invented by the US military is also used to take ultra-clear close-ups of an object from one kilometer away.

The second season of 'Planet Earth' has a Douban rating of 9.8 points

In the second season of the once-amazing documentary 'Planet Earth', once again presented by the production team from BBC. In this season, the audience will continue to witness the ordinary and wonderful life moments of animals and plants in every corner of the earth. There are a total of six episodes in this season, divided into islands, mountains, jungles, deserts, grasslands and cities, sloths, monitor lizards, lemurs, iguanas, chinstrap penguins, snow leopards, golden eagles, spider monkeys, jaguars... The magical hand of nature has created thousands of creatures that have lived on their native land since childhood according to their own habits. They follow the harsh natural environment and tenaciously chase the rising sun of tomorrow. However, the unrestrained activities of human beings erode the living environment of other creatures. They are small but great, and through the camera of BBC, the brilliance of life can be magnified and shine in every corner of the earth.

The third season of 'Planet Earth' has a Douban rating of 9.7 points

From the deepest part of the ocean to the most remote jungle, 'Planet Earth III' turns over a new chapter for the classic masterpiece, con tinuing to visit many amazing habitats on the earth. The audience will follow the camera to explore the last natural wilderness on this planet and appreciate the wonderful survival strategies evolved by wild animals. At the same time, it also shows the unique significance of the wilderness and the wild animals living in it for maintaining the healthy operation of the earth, full of reverence, praise and care for nature.