Honor MagicVs3 Unveiled with Distinct Design and Advanced Features

TapTechNews July 10th news, on July 10th, Honor officially publicly disclosed the exterior design of the Honor MagicVs3. It can be seen from the official visual materials that the Honor MagicVs3 presents two completely different design concepts compared to the Honor MagicV3 whose appearance was解禁 earlier.

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Specifically, the Honor MagicVs3 inherits and reinterprets the rectangular module design of the previous generation product, but the design changes in details are significant. The symmetrical layout of the lenses is both simple and exquisite, reminiscent of a telescope, giving a feeling of exploring the universe, very eye-catching.

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Currently, the Honor MagicVs3 folding screen phone has been listed on e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and the official website. The product page shows that the Honor MagicVs3 will offer three color options: Qilian Snow, Tundra Green, and Velvet Black, and other configurations are temporarily unknown. In addition, the product also provides three storage versions of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB.

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There is not much news about the Honor MagicVs3 folding screen phone at present, and TapTechNews will continue to pay attention.

Regarding the brand-new generation of flagship folding screen Honor MagicV3, according to the previous warm-up by Honor, it will challenge the new height of folding thinness. It is disclosed that the folding thickness of this Honor MagicV3 is quite thin, and some color versions adopt the vegetable leather body process, and the camera module also undergoes tremendous changes, and the octagonal dome design is very iconic.

On July 5th, Honor held a thin and light technology communication meeting at Qinghai Lake, and the Honor MagicV3 series will be the first to carry the Honor Luban architecture, the third-generation Qinghai Lake battery and other technologies.

It is understood that the silicon content of the Honor third-generation Qinghai Lake battery will break through 10% for the first time in the industry, and has the highest battery whole machine volume ratio of 24.7% in the industry. At the same time, it will also bring the Honor self-developed energy efficiency enhancement chip HONOR E1 and the Honor Dujiangyan power management system optimization scheme, which can greatly improve the accuracy of energy efficiency management and meet the dual needs of users for thinness and long battery life.

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And the first thin and light folding screen solution innovatively launched by Honor, the Honor Luban architecture, solves the problem of the folding screen phone taking into account both thinness and high reliability.

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In addition to breaking the thin record of 9.9mm created by MagicV2 in thin design, the Honor MagicV3 will also be the first to carry the AI defocus vision relief technology. It is understood that the AI defocus eye protection technology is to simulate the defocus mirror based on the end-side AI ability, and achieve vision protection through AI optimization of the screen.

More details about the Honor Magic flagship new product are yet to be revealed at the July 12th press conference. Interested friends can follow the subsequent reports of TapTechNews.