Breakthrough in Quantum Computer Cooling System

TapTechNews July 8th news, all along, quantum computers have attracted much attention due to their powerful computing power and are expected to completely change the speed of information processing. However, it is still far from being achievable to install a quantum processor on a home computer to play games smoothly at present. New technologies often come with new challenges, and how to overcome these challenges to unleash the potential of quantum computers is a difficult problem that scientists are currently tackling. Recently, researchers have made a major breakthrough in the quantum computer cooling system and developed a device that can cool the quantum processor to a temperature lower than that of space.

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According to Tom'sHardware, the research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne succeeded in lowering the temperature of the quantum processor to 100 millikelvins (mK), which is minus 273 °C. In contrast, the average temperature of space is about 2.7 kelvins (minus 270.45 °C).

Why are scientists so persistent in the cooling system? As TapTechNews understands, just like traditional computers, quantum computers also require continuous heat dissipation during operation. But traditional computer fans are not suitable for quantum computers, because the key component for performing quantum computing - the qubit, needs to work stably by being as close to absolute zero as possible, otherwise heat will cause interference to it. Therefore, how to more conveniently and efficiently cool the quantum computer has always been a major problem in this field.

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The research team cleverly converts the thermal energy generated by components into electrical energy, thereby continuously cooling the system. Even more exciting is that this new type of cooling device can not only be manufactured using existing parts, and its efficiency is comparable to that of traditional computer radiators.

This breakthrough is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in the field of quantum computers, which will greatly promote the research and development process of quantum computers and help researchers maintain the low-temperature state of quantum components more easily. However, it may take some time to use this amazing radiator to play Cyberpunk 2077 with the highest quality settings smoothly.