China's First Full-Size General-Purpose Humanoid Robot 'Azure Dragon' Officially Released

TapTechNews July 4th news, according to the Shanghai Securities News report, during the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2024) that opened today, China's first full-size general-purpose humanoid robot open source public version machine, Azure Dragon, was officially released.

Chinas First Full-Size General-Purpose Humanoid Robot 'Azure Dragon' Officially Released_0

TapTechNews summarizes the main information of this robot as follows:

Azure Dragon is 6.07 feet (185 cm) tall and weighs 176.37 pounds (80 kg). It has 43 active degrees of freedom throughout the body, with a peak joint torque of up to 400 Newton-meters and computational power support of 400 tera operations per second.

It has a highly bionic torso configuration and anthropomorphic motion control, and supports multimodal mobility/perception/interaction/control. It also has a highly mobile lower limb walking configuration and lightweight high-precision upper limb operation configuration, supporting fast walking, agile obstacle avoidance, stable up and down slopes, and resistance to impact interference four major sports functions. It is reported that this robot is an ideal carrier for the development of general-purpose artificial intelligence software and hardware.

Azure Dragon is independently developed by Humanoid Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It has been approved as the provincial and ministerial-level Shanghai Humanoid Robot Manufacturing Innovation Center and was awarded the National and Local Jointly Built Humanoid Robot Innovation Center by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in May 2024.

In addition to Azure Dragon, Humanoid Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will also provide an Black Tortoise immersive operation interactive experience, the big model algorithm demonstration of how the Vermillion Bird big model empowers Azure Dragon operations, the accurate and precise data acquisition ability of White Tiger, and the presentation of the Kirin training field simulating the operation of the production line.