Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau's Actions on Electric Bicycle Safety in Takeout Industry

TapTechNews July 9th news, the official account of Guangzhou Market Supervision posted on July 8th, stating that the traffic safety of takeout electric bicycles is a hot topic of concern. The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau adheres to problem-oriented and goal-oriented, urges instant delivery platform enterprises to fulfill safety responsibilities, and conducts in-depth whole-chain rectification actions for electric bicycle safety hazards.

The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in combination with the registration and licensing (TapTechNews note: industry blue license plate) work of electric bicycles in the takeout industry in Guangzhou, investigates the basic situation of instant delivery platform enterprises and delivery service providers conducting business in Guangzhou, and establishes a main body database.

The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly held an administrative guidance meeting with the municipal public security department, carried out the policy publicity and implementation of the rectification work, and focused on urging:

For delivery enterprises that use electric bicycles for delivery, set the delivery time limit and route according to the standard that the delivery task can be completed by legally driving at the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour;

Delivery enterprises supplement and optimize the work procedures for the use of electric bicycles and batteries by delivery personnel, and strengthen dynamic monitoring and verification.

The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau sent letters to the relevant platform enterprises and the headquarters of instant delivery enterprises, informing in writing:

Enterprises should clarify the specific requirements of the whole-chain rectification of electric bicycle safety hazards, and improve the distribution management system and the management rules for delivery personnel and vehicles;

Enterprises should take the initiative to check for omissions and deficiencies, and reply in writing to the regulatory authorities on the self-inspection and rectification situation.

The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with the municipal traffic police department:

Conducts special supervision and inspection on the rider stations of platforms such as Meituan and, urges the platform delivery partner enterprises to strengthen the daily safety education and training of delivery personnel to improve the safety awareness of delivery personnel;

Urges enterprises to strengthen the daily management of delivery vehicles, and promptly discover modified vehicles and implement measures such as restoring to the original state, prohibiting use, and restricting orders.

The Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau also guides the industry association:

Organizes platform enterprises to implement various systems and norms of the industry convention, and advocates the standardized development of the industry and the civilized and safe delivery of riders;

Improves the rider management system, realizes real-time docking with the rider traffic violation information of the municipal traffic police department, initiates the implementation of industry-wide order suspension for more than one day for riders with more than three violations within a week in the whole province first, effectively curbing the phenomenon of multiple traffic violations by riders.