Apple's Monopoly Case in China First Instance Verdict and Subsequent Developments

TapTechNews July 3rd news, TapTechNews reported previously. In May of this year, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court announced the first-instance judgment result of China's first consumer lawsuit against 'Apple' for monopoly. The court determined that Apple has a dominant market position in the Chinese software market, but has not abused that position and dismissed the plaintiff Jin's lawsuit request.

The plaintiff, Ms. Jin, in this case accused Apple of abusing its market position, both charging a 30% commission for in-app purchases and restricting payment methods.

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According to an excerpt from a document seen by Bloomberg, Apple submitted a petition asking the Supreme People's Court to modify some of the wording in the judgment. Apple hopes that the Supreme People's Court can delete the expression about Apple's 'dominant position' from this ruling written by the lower court. In addition, Apple also objects to the wording mentioned in the judgment that implies that 'unfair pricing may harm consumers'.

Apple has always insisted that its commission is reasonable because the app store provides users with security and peace of mind, while providing developers with a global display platform.

According to previous reports, the attorney representing Ms. Jin said that they respect the judgment result of the first-instance court, but will appeal this case to the Supreme People's Court.