Cities Skylines 2 Gets 1.1.6f1

TapTechNews July 3rd, one week after the 1.1.5f1 Economic 2.0 update went live, the simulation city-building game Cities: Skylines 2 today released the 1.1.6f1 Detail Patch 1 update, fixing a large number of bugs and adding new free content.

 Cities Skylines 2 Gets 1.1.6f1_0

According to the introduction, this update will bring service building variants newly developed by the art team, more themed vehicles and many detailed decoration updates:

Partitionable roundabouts

8 new roundabout decorations

Trees placement tool adds tree age selector

Ground tools

2 kinds of concrete ground

2 kinds of grassland ground

2 kinds of sidewalk ground

2 kinds of sandy ground

3 kinds of brick ground

 Cities Skylines 2 Gets 1.1.6f1_1

26 new service building variants

New small water tower

New small clinic

New city fire station

3 new educational buildings

2 new police stations

New small post office

6 new public transportation buildings

5 new urban parks

6 new parking lots

4 new vehicles

New North American garbage truck

New North American snow sweeper

New North American passenger train

New European freight locomotive

In addition, this update also fixed a large number of gameplay and user interface issues, and the ParadoxMods platform has also been updated to version 1.6.0. Interested players can visit the official detailed update records.

 Cities Skylines 2 Gets 1.1.6f1_2

TapTechNews noticed that this update is named Detail Patch 1, and the official will collect player feedback and subsequently introduce the update plan for other detail patches.