Transfer of Taotian Group's Taobao Live and Content Division Head

TapTechNews July 4th news, Blue Whale News reported that Cheng Daofang, the head of Taotian Group's Taobao Live and Content Division, has recently been transferred from this position, and Wu Jia, the head of Taotian User Platform Division and Ali Mama Division, will take on this position concurrently.

The last time Cheng Daofang had a conversation with the media was at the Taobao Content E-commerce Conference held at the end of March this year. At this conference, he announced the new growth target of Taobao content e-commerce in Ali's new fiscal year: the user scale increased by 100% year-on-year, the number of anchors with monthly turnover exceeding(over) one million increased by 100% year-on-year, and the GMV increased by 80% year-on-year.

According to TapTechNews' previous report, in December 2023, Alibaba CEO Wu Yongming sent an all-staff letter appointing 6 young management layers, including Cheng Daofang and Wu Jia, who reported directly to Wu Yongming.

After this round of adjustment, post-85s Wu Jia will become the management layer in Taotian with more responsibilities, responsible for the User Platform Division, Ali Mama Division and Taobao Live and Content Division respectively, becoming a veritable representative figure of the young and strong faction in Alibaba.

Wu Jia has joined Alibaba through campus recruitment in 2010 and has not accepted any media interviews since 2016. The last public appearance can be traced back to five years ago to support another business of Ali's Intelligent Information Business Group, Shuqi Novels.