Apple's AppleIntelligence Feature Future of Smart Home and Desktop Robots

TapTechNews July 8th news, Apple's highly anticipated AppleIntelligence feature will first land on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices later this year, while products including HomePod smart speaker, Apple Watch and VisionPro head-mounted display will temporarily miss out on this feature, including the highly watched new version of Siri voice assistant.

Apples AppleIntelligence Feature Future of Smart Home and Desktop Robots_0

Now, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple's first smart home device with the AppleIntelligence function will be a brand-new desktop robot.

Gurman said that users expecting to use the AppleIntelligence feature on existing Apple smart home devices may be disappointed, and they need to wait for Apple to launch an AI-driven desktop robot product. TapTechNews noted that as early as April this year, Gurman first exposed Apple's robot project, among which the desktop robot is one of the fastest-developing projects, but it is still in the early stages.

At that time, Gurman described some functions of this desktop robot. It will move the display screen through robotic arm technology, which can simulate head movements such as nodding in FaceTime calls, and can also accurately lock individual users in a crowd during video calls.

Gurman's latest news indicates that Apple seems not to launch the next-generation HomePod speaker with an upgraded chip and supporting the new version of Siri. Instead, users need to wait for the more powerful desktop robot to come out.

It is worth mentioning that just last week, there were also reports that Apple is developing a HomePod speaker with a screen, which seems a bit contradictory to the news of this desktop robot. Perhaps the HomePod with a screen will still come out, but because the development of the AppleIntelligence feature is too hasty and mainly for Apple's popular devices, this speaker will miss out on this new feature.