China's Civil Aviation Flight Punctuality Rate and Developments

TapTechNews July 10th news, the Information Office of the State Council held a series of theme press conferences on 'Promoting High-quality Development' at 10 a.m. this morning. Song Zhiyong, the director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, attended to introduce the situation and answer reporters' questions.

Song Zhiyong said that the flight punctuality rate of civil aviation has exceeded 80% for six consecutive years. In the first half of this year, with the flight volume increasing by 13.4% year-on-year, the flight punctuality rate reached 86.37%.

Song Zhiyong also mentioned that it has now entered the thunderstorm season, which is also the stage with the greatest guarantee pressure and difficulty in a year. The Civil Aviation Administration has made advance work arrangements to try to reduce the impact of the weather on flight punctuality on the basis of ensuring safe operation and guarantee smooth travel for everyone.

TapTechNews noticed that the Civil Aviation Administration plans to open 10 major air corridors, and 7 of them have been built and put into use. The 8th Shanghai-Kunming major corridor will be put into use in September this year, which will solve the problem of flight congestion from east to west between Shanghai and Kunming.

According to the introduction, the low-altitude economy based on traditional general aviation and the new drone industry is booming. At present, the total number of drone enterprises holding currently valid civil unmanned aircraft operation certificates exceeds 14,000, and the number of people holding drone operator licenses exceeds 225,000.

In the first half of this year, nearly 608,000 new drones were registered, an increase of 48% compared to the end of last year. The cumulative flight hours of drones reached 9.816 million hours, an increase of 134,000 hours compared to the same period last year.