Apple Must Compensate Employee Fired for Alleged Harassment UK Tribunal Ruling

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to the local time July 7th report of The Daily Telegraph in the UK, the UK Employment Tribunal ruled that Apple must compensate an employee who was fired for alleged harassment of a female colleague.

Apple Must Compensate Employee Fired for Alleged Harassment UK Tribunal Ruling_0

The incident occurred at Apple's office location in Battersea, London (TapTechNews note: This is the UK headquarters of Apple, and there is also an Apple retail store here). Christoph Sieberer, who was then a process analyst, took two pictures of a female colleague and shared them with another male colleague - this colleague was alleged to have a crush on the female colleague in the pictures.

One of the photos was of the woman in a conversation with a colleague, and the other was taken from a position three floors above her in a public area. After receiving the photos, the male colleague (only known as Thomas) replied, This is my girl. What a lovely babe... She looks great as she works hard.

Then, Thomas showed one of the photos to another female employee, who reported the matter to her manager. After an investigation, Apple fired Thomas and Christoph Sieberer on the grounds of sexual harassment

The UK Employment Tribunal ruled that Apple's act of firing Christoph Sieberer was unfair. The judge stated that there was no reasonable ground to support the firing decision, and there was no evidence that anyone who saw the photos felt offended.

The judge also further criticized Apple's harassment policy and pointed out that it was vague. Although taking these photos can be said to be an invasion of privacy... But this is a world where there are cameras everywhere.

The ruling also mentioned that these photos should not have been taken, and Christoph Sieberer has admitted that he indeed should not have taken these photos. At the same time, Apple must pay a sum of compensation to be determined by the tribunal in the future.